Tuesday 14 May 2024

Soundproof Sliders ?

I want to discuss the topic of soundproof sliders, particularly in the context of the increasing trend of installing glass sliders in bedrooms and living rooms, and the importance of making an informed decision when selecting a branded product. While choosing a reputable brand such as fenesta, schueco, or RSVP can certainly contribute to ensuring quality, it is crucial to also consider specific requirements for soundproofing. It has been observed that many people are often swayed by brand names without fully understanding the potential flaws or limitations of the product.

Pl read my previous articles about fenesta soundproof sliders & tostem single point locking sliders. In the case of sliders, it is important to note that conventional sliders with brush seals may not provide the desired level of soundproofing. The brush seal connection between the frame and sash can have a low impact on the effectiveness of noise insulation as well as dust proofing.

Considering recent weather changes and sandstorm incidents in Delhi and Mumbai, my belief in the need to address this issue has only grown stronger. 

Over my 18 years of experience in visiting numerous projects, I have witnessed installers attempting to smoothen sliders by removing the brush seal at the bottom or top, solely to satisfy the customer. Unfortunately, this ignorance on the part of customers becomes an advantage for installers who are often hired on a contract basis, as their focus tends to be on the handover rather than the long-term performance of the product. To overcome this bottleneck, we have taken the initiative to form our own team for installation as well as after-sales service. 

Visualize the infiltration of PM10 dust particles into your living space as a result of inadequate or deteriorated brush seals on your sliders. This occurs even if you have opted for premium luxury brands like Fenesta, Schueco, Tostem, and others that provide traditional sliders equipped with brush seals. To prevent this issue, it is essential to regularly inspect and maintain the brush seals on your sliders. Additionally, consider upgrading to modern Lift & Slide with advanced sealing technology to effectively block out dust particles as well as unwanted soundproofing. Properly sealed sliders can significantly improve indoor air quality and prevent health issues related to dust exposure.

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Sobinco Belgium, a trusted OEM partner of prestigious brands such as Schueco and Reynaers. Together, we are unveiling the Slim Lift & Slide, a groundbreaking product that we confidently believe presents one of the finest solutions available in the industry. The Lift & Slide distinguishes itself by its innovative gasket design, replacing the conventional brush seal typically found in the connection between the frame and the shutter. I wish to clarify that my intention is not to merely promote our company's Lift & Slide but to emphasize the advantages of opting for this superior alternative over traditional sliders featuring brush seals. Its exceptional air tightness rivals that of a casement window. For further clarity, please refer to the explanatory video provided below.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing this further with you and exploring how our slim lift & slide can meet your specific requirements for soundproofing.

Monday 20 June 2022

Best sound proof window company in India?

There are many uPVC & aluminium windows companies in India which claims to have sound-proof windows e.g. fenesta, tostem, ais windows & eternia windows but they do not have any substantial data like test reports confirming to international standard e.g. EN ISO 717–1 to support their claim.

Now coming back to question, Best sound proof company in India, my answer is - there is no best sound proof company in India. Company like Fenesta has very limited knowledge about sound proofing. Pl check following advertisement Fenesta Windows & Doors - Solve your Noise Problems.

Keep the outside noise out by sliding window- Quite laughable ( Worth to mention- airtightness in sliding window is less than casement window). I am not against Fenesta, they are doing wonderful job in uPVC windows but for sound proofing- it is like dark matter for them[1]. May be my message will get through, and they will improve their understanding for sound proofing.

Also check their webpage over sound proof windows.

Sliding window to stop traffic noise. Amazing ludicrous ignorance !

Casement window has gasket sealing at open/close position in comparison to Sliding windows.

Check another interesting insight on their webpage. They are using silicon for noise insulation. Silicon sealant are good for water tightness, not for noise insulation. PU-Foam must be used for soundproofing.

How the PU Foam installation looks like , Pl check above pic.

Same thing runs with tostem India. Here is the details on their website

There is no performance data mentioned on the products which you will find out in other reputed brand's website e.g. schueco, cortizo & reynaers even uPVC brand also mention their performance data. Also worth to mention ASTM standards are not as stringent as European standards. I will stress only one thing that IF YOU CAN NOT MEASURE SOMETHING, FRANKLY SPEAKING IT DOES NOT EXIST.

Same kind of half baked knowledge as silicone sealant for soundproofing. Once again- Silicon sealant are good for water tightness, not for noise insulation. JIS ( japanese standards) performance data is not shared so can not comment on the same.

Do you want any help for unwanted sound proofing. You can write to me on shivendrasinghk@gmail.com. I can share my knowledge, experience for noise insulation.


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Monday 13 June 2022

How to soundproof your room against barking dogs ?

 Hi Friends,

As you know that India is one of the most populated country in comparison to most of the countries in europe & also USA. Noise pollution is one of the modern man-made disease. Honking car horns, DJ sound & religious practice of using loudspeakers is order of the day in India. The Supreme court has already set time & decibel limits on the usage of loudspeakers. In any condition, One can not exceed more than 55 dB noise level. But challenge in India is Law- enforcement & common man's limited knowledge about side effects of high noise level. It is known fact that once continuous exposure to noise level more than 55 dB is one of the reason of heart attack.

   It becomes more dangerous if it continues during our sleeping hours. Our body heals & regenerate cells during quality sleep. Barking dog or, any kind of disturbance is bad for mental as well as physical health. In this article, I will share my knowledge & experience about barking dogs noise. Barking dogs noise is approx. 65-100 dB. ( Source : Check this below acoustic report)

To soundproof any window , 3 things to consider

  1. Wall/Window gap should be completely air-tight, no air- leakage.
  2. Present window sash/frame ( Vinyl i.e. uPVC/ OR, Aluminium/ OR, Wood) must be completely air tight as well as it should have noise reduction min. 30 dB.
  3. Glass- If it is single glazed, Sound proofing is not possible. Double glazing with lamination is must. You can check on the following interesting app by Saint Gobain Glass - Glass dBstation
    -what difference different glasses will make in reduction of barking dog noise.

I hope above info is suffice to prove that without changing Door/window & glass, it is not possible to reduce barking noise.

Tuesday 7 June 2022

How good is tostem sliding doors ?

 Hello Friends, 

I have made the decision to evaluate the various doors and windows offered in the Indian market. My intention is to provide insights based on my practical experience and the information accessible to the general public. The aim of these reviews is to enlighten individuals about the quality and constraints of the door/window systems


Let us start with tostem aluminum windows & doors. Here one of the customer of tostem invited me to visit their home. They were using 14 mm laminated glass in all Slide doors.  14 mm laminated glass comprises of following specifications -6mm clear toughened + 1.52 mm clear PVB + 6mm clear toughened. This particular glass gives security class P3A - P4A as per protection class of EN standards. 

Tostem Grants Series Sliding Door

When i closely examined the Sliding door ( they call it Grant series ) surprisingly locking aroused my interest. It was single point lock in the middle. It was crescent lock & i didnt feel secure with this lock.

Check Single Point Lock in Sliders

In usual circumstances, when engaging in discussions with aluminum system companies such as Fenesta, Schueco, Reynaers, RSVP, etc., it is uncommon to encounter the utilization of a single-point locking mechanism in a sliding door of substantial dimensions. However, with the Grant series, the Tostem dealer presents an exceptionally enticing price point that effectively conceals various deficiencies. Reflecting on my extensive 18-year tenure within the field, I can vividly trace the transformation of the door/window industry from traditional door/window setups to uPVC systems and subsequently to sleek aluminum structures. The transition from single-point to multi-point locking mechanisms is fundamentally predicated on the level of security necessitated.. Pl check below video to know more about multi point locking. How it works.. 

If you check below performance table of another Aluminum system brand sliding door- The burglar resistance class of door/window is RC2  or, resistance class 2..

Performance of Another aluminium system in the table is highlighted 

In contrast to the highlighted Burglar resistant class of another company, the tostem grant sliding door appears to rank the lowest in performance within this category. It's worth noting that no well-regarded aluminum system brand provides single-point locking for sliding doors when security is a primary concern. Interestingly, even an older wooden door is equipped with multi-point locking mechanisms such as tower bolts on both the top and bottom sections.

Just to add 14 mm laminated glass comes under RC 2 category

Check Laminated Glass vs toughened glass

In the nut shell, single point locking with security glass does not make a product premium. I personally recommend not to buy grants series from tostem rather than you can choose fenesta, schueco or, RSVP. All companies are offering multipoint locking in sliding doors. 

Monday 2 May 2022

Introducing SECCO Thermal Break Steel Door & Window system

Recently we have collaborated with Secco thermal break steel door & window systems. Secco steel systems from Italy are the worldwide market leader in high performance brass, corten, ms & ss steel door & window systems. In 70 years of history Secco Sistemi has designed and created numerous innovative systems of metal profiles for doors and windows for use in the field of architecture, thus contributing to the evolution to the engineering of these architectonic elements, developing the design and the performance, the efficiency and functionality, while further enhancing the strength and beauty of the materials implemented. Secco Sistemi has identified structural and mechanical solutions for reducing the visible sections of the profiles to the minimum and for satisfying the most demanding requirements of heat and sound insulation, of resistance to break-in, resistance to wind and to fire: for doors, windows and façades, for windows and doors of large dimensions and for all types of openings, whether sliding, tilt-and-turn, pivot or hinged. Of the highest quality, the metal alloys used by Secco Sistemi have precise characteristics: they are natural, whole and safe, ductile and versatile. Furthermore, while appreciated for their structural resistance and duration over time, necessitating little maintenance, they are also recyclable and reusable. These materials - galvanised steel, stainless steel, corten steel and brass - with their different surfaces and finishes and particular manufacturing present extraordinary potentiality of expression, and are capable of interpreting and transforming the design project into a concrete reality while perfectly blending into the surroundings and many landscapes that differ for environment and climate, tradition and culture. In-depth knowledge of the material properties and their manufacturing while fully respecting their characteristics and beauty is what distinguishes Secco System's work and what enables us, in collaboration with the designers right from the preliminary phases onwards, to identify optimal solutions using the selected material.

The best part of using thermal break steel door & window is its minimal sightlines. Imagine an openable window in uPVC or, in aluminium. The material itself will take 5 inches space + glass but in Secco special design system it will be less than 3 inches. 

Steel as an material has 3 times more strength in Aluminium that gives perfection in design as well as help in designing bend shapes. 

If you want to know more about SECCO steel, You can write to me on shivendra@rsvpsysteme.in

Monday 3 January 2022


We set up RSVP to change the way people buy & use door/window systems. RSVP is a social enterprise & does soundproof windows & best-in-class aluminium as well as steel door/window systems as to create noise-safe & energy efficient spaces. 

                    Watch : What our products are & value we create in a simple way 

Our Mission- 

RSVP is social-driven, not profit-driven. We set up a strict social mission to make sure we stick to this. We are dedicated to assisting people protect themselves from the harms of noise, dust pollution & save energy through cost-effective door/window systems.

Every decision we make must further the social mission. RSVP is a social enterprise, not a charity. The social enterprise model allows us to be sustainable and to pay living wages to the people who give their time to fulfill the our mission. Extra profits are used primarily to expand to other cities where people need high performance door/window systemes and to develop new tools to help people understand high performance door/window systemes.

Our team- 

In 2019,  RSVP was started to deliver high quality door/window systems around India with affordable price. Along the way, our team has grown to passionate & hardworking persons who are doing everything they can, all over the india, to get more people noise-safe & energy efficient door/window systems.  

Our contact details -


Contact no. : +91 9958533266

Mail             :  shivendra@rsvpsysteme.in

Meet the team

Shivendra Pratap Singh

Shaveta Singh

Shivam Rana
Chetan Chauhan

Gajendra Pal
Danish Ghazali


Tuesday 20 April 2021

Ventilation is the key for #Covid19

Dear Readers, 

Hope everyone is staying safe & well. After reading many scientific articles over covid19 now most of the people is accepting it as a fact that covid19 transmission is airborne rather than by hands or, surface touch. Further studies suggest that One can easily catch Covid19 virus in poor ventilated closed space.

Quite in detail explanation- How infection spreads in Closed space

What is micro droplets & how it remain suspended in closed room or, space.

Must watch video to understand severity of danger while interacting in closed space.

I was strong advisor for Casement or, openable Door/window rather than Sliders. (Are aluminium sliding windows soundproof?) but being an old veteran in the industry as well as after losing few loved ones by this disease, I realized & recommend to everyone not to remain in air-tight meeting spaces as well as avoid meeting places where ventilation is poor. 

You can have one sound proof or, noise-safe room for study or, meditation with openable or, casement but let your all other spaces should have cross-ventilation or, use Sliders instead of Casement or, openable. 

Wednesday 29 April 2020

What is bullet-proof glass ?

Dear Readers,

Hope you are doing great & staying safe. Life after Covid19 will be very different. It will be new normal. Once lockdown opens, health & safety is going to be top most priority of everyone. Also work from home culture will increase... During this lockdown, regular crimes have taken a back seat. Usual crime professions like bank robberies & burglaries have disappeared. 

When we think safety inside our home, Doors & windows with bigger glass looks like most vulnerable. I have already discussed, safety against burglary and vandalism over this blog. 

Now as stated Bullet resistant glass ( Popular but improperly said " Bullet proof glass") is protection against fire-arms. In normal laminated glass, there are 3 layers of glass & PVB film. But Bullet resistant glass is combination of multiple layers of glass, PVB film & Polycarbonate sheet. 

Again number of layers for bullet resistant glass depends upon type of weapon & standard followed (Most common standard is EN 1063 ).

Test Glass sample 

One thing i would like to add, chosen frame must also comply the same standard. It means bullet should not penetrate & pass through the chosen aluminium frame also.

I was part of Hotel Oberoi , Delhi. Here BR6 category protection chosen for some VVIP rooms in triple glazed windows. The price for bullet resistant windows depends on type of protection required & on request.