Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Ventilation is the key for #Covid19

Dear Readers, 

Hope everyone is staying safe & well. After reading many scientific articles over covid19 now most of the people is accepting it as a fact that covid19 transmission is airborne rather than by hands or, surface touch. Further studies suggest that One can easily catch Covid19 virus in poor ventilated closed space.

Quite in detail explanation- How infection spreads in Closed space

What is micro droplets & how it remain suspended in closed room or, space.

Must watch video to understand severity of danger while interacting in closed space.

I was strong advisor for Casement or, openable Door/window rather than Sliders. (Are aluminium sliding windows soundproof?) but being an old veteran in the industry as well as after losing few loved ones by this disease, I realized & recommend to everyone not to remain in air-tight meeting spaces as well as avoid meeting places where ventilation is poor. 

You can have one sound proof or, noise-safe room for study or, meditation with openable or, casement but let your all other spaces should have cross-ventilation or, use Sliders instead of Casement or, openable.