Tuesday 7 June 2022

How good is tostem sliding doors ?

 Hello Friends, 

I have made the decision to evaluate the various doors and windows offered in the Indian market. My intention is to provide insights based on my practical experience and the information accessible to the general public. The aim of these reviews is to enlighten individuals about the quality and constraints of the door/window systems


Let us start with tostem aluminum windows & doors. Here one of the customer of tostem invited me to visit their home. They were using 14 mm laminated glass in all Slide doors.  14 mm laminated glass comprises of following specifications -6mm clear toughened + 1.52 mm clear PVB + 6mm clear toughened. This particular glass gives security class P3A - P4A as per protection class of EN standards. 

Tostem Grants Series Sliding Door

When i closely examined the Sliding door ( they call it Grant series ) surprisingly locking aroused my interest. It was single point lock in the middle. It was crescent lock & i didnt feel secure with this lock.

Check Single Point Lock in Sliders

In usual circumstances, when engaging in discussions with aluminum system companies such as Fenesta, Schueco, Reynaers, RSVP, etc., it is uncommon to encounter the utilization of a single-point locking mechanism in a sliding door of substantial dimensions. However, with the Grant series, the Tostem dealer presents an exceptionally enticing price point that effectively conceals various deficiencies. Reflecting on my extensive 18-year tenure within the field, I can vividly trace the transformation of the door/window industry from traditional door/window setups to uPVC systems and subsequently to sleek aluminum structures. The transition from single-point to multi-point locking mechanisms is fundamentally predicated on the level of security necessitated.. Pl check below video to know more about multi point locking in a Slider Door. How it works.. 

If you check below performance table of another Aluminum system brand sliding door- The burglar resistance class of door/window is RC2  or, resistance class 2..

Performance of Another aluminium system in the table is highlighted 

In contrast to the highlighted Burglar resistant class of another company, the tostem grant sliding door appears to rank the lowest in performance within this category. It's worth noting that no well-regarded aluminum system brand provides single-point locking for sliding doors when security is a primary concern. Interestingly, even an older wooden door is equipped with multi-point locking mechanisms such as tower bolts on both the top and bottom sections.

Just to add 14 mm laminated glass comes under RC 2 category

Check Laminated Glass vs toughened glass

In the nut shell, single point locking with security glass does not make a product premium. I personally recommend not to buy grants series from tostem rather than you can choose fenesta, schueco or, RSVP. All companies are offering multipoint locking in sliding doors. 


  1. Hi Sir, Thanks for wonderful insight about tostem. I was about to place order to them. Sir, tried fenesta, schuco & aluk but they do not have good color finish like tostem and their price is also higher than tostem. Pl advise me so i can select good product for my home. Yes i need security glass in all windows. Thanks, Vikas Yadav

    1. Dear Mr. Vikash,

      The anodized color finish provided by Tostem does indeed exhibit a visually pleasing appearance. However, it is crucial to note that this finish boasts a mere 16 micron thickness, rendering it susceptible to scratches. Contrarily, global industry leader schueco and fenesta, a prominent market player, offer powder coating with a minimum color finish thickness of 60 microns in the majority of their residential and commercial undertakings. Drawing from my extensive 18-year expertise in this realm, I recommend consulting your architect and scrutinizing other market contenders to authenticate this assertion. The elevated pricing of alternative options can be attributed to the incorporation of multipoint locking mechanisms, particularly prevalent in sliders. Notably, Tostem's employment of a single-point lock results in a cost of less than 500 INR, while multipoint locking fittings command a minimum of 2500 INR per unit. This discrepancy elucidates the higher pricing of sliders offered by other competitors.