Tuesday 7 June 2022

How good is Tostem (Lixil) windows & doors

 Hello Friends, 

I have decided to review variable doors and windows which are available in Indian market to share my opinion about the product based on my hand-on experience & information available to general public. The purpose of reviewing different products to educate people about quality & limitations in system.


Let us start with tostem which is part of lixil group from Japan. Here one of the customer of tostem invited me to visit their home. They were using 14 mm laminated glass in all Slide doors.  14 mm laminated glass comprises of following specifications -6mm clear toughened + 1.52 mm clear PVB + 6mm clear toughened. This particular glass gives security class P3A - P4A as per protection class of EN standards. 

Tostem Grants Series Sliding Door

When i closely examined the Sliding door ( they call it Grant series ) surprisingly locking aroused my interest. It was single point lock in the middle. It was crescent lock & i didnt feel secure with this lock.

Check Single Point Lock in Sliders

Normally if you discuss with any aluminium system company e.g. Alumill, Schueco, Reynaers, AluK etc... they will never use single point lock in such a large size sliding door. But for Grant series, Tostem dealer offers a very attractive price which hides all kind of shortcomings. I recall with my 14 year experience that how door/window industry evolved from conventional door/window to uPVC then slimline aluminium.  Single point to multi point locking is based on security required. Pl check below video to know more about multi point locking in a Slider Door. How it works.. 

If you check below performance table of another Aluminium system brand sliding door- The burglar resistance class of door/window is RC2  or, resistance class 2..

Performance of Another aluminium system in the table is highlighted 

If you compare tostem grant sliding door with above Burglar resistant class of another company's highlighted one, that means it performs lowest in the category. (Mind it no good reputed aluminium system brand offers single point locking for sliding door when security is concern) ; Even your old wooden door has multi point locking as tower bolts on top & bottom. 

Just to add 14 mm laminated glass comes under RC 2 category

Check Resistance Class 2 Glass

In the nut shell, single point locking with security glass does not make a product premium. I am sure tostem also has some good products but this one should be avoidable where security is a concern. 


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