Tuesday 24 April 2018


Whenever we heard of a warranty of any product, we always think of safety & protection. But do you know reality behind it. Let us check out what to expect and what's not from the manufacturer as most of warranty ends with limited liability of manufacturer.There are few points to remember while checking warranty of Door/window which are as under..

  • Only Manufacturer can offer warranty. No Fabricator or, Dealer can give you warranty. e.g. if you are buying Apple iphone from authorised reseller, the warranty is from " Apple India Pvt Ltd" & "You" as a customer. 
  • All warranty comes with limited defects covered under it. One has to check with Door/window manufacturer "What is covered under warranty & what not". Pl check following pic

It is clearly mentioned in above example as warranty on uPVC Profile is only for 10 year & warranty on fittings for 1 year. Let us see further how it affects us as an individual

As we understand it is not clear in above example that what is the definition of manufacturing defect. What will come under manufacturing defect & "damage caused due to weather and environmental conditions." In ideal condition, warranty terms should be as following

As Door/window is customized product. It is important to read offer document carefully. Here is one incident to help you understand " Limited warranty clause" - https://www.facebook.com/veeresh.malik/posts/10155443240036347.

There is more to window than meets the eye.....

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