Wednesday 29 April 2020

What is bullet-proof glass ?

Dear Readers,

Hope you are doing great & staying safe. Life after Covid19 will be very different. It will be new normal. Once lockdown opens, health & safety is going to be top most priority of everyone. Also work from home culture will increase... During this lockdown, regular crimes have taken a back seat. Usual crime professions like bank robberies & burglaries have disappeared. 

When we think safety inside our home, Doors & windows with bigger glass looks like most vulnerable. I have already discussed, safety against burglary and vandalism over this blog. 

Now as stated Bullet resistant glass ( Popular but improperly said " Bullet proof glass") is protection against fire-arms. In normal laminated glass, there are 3 layers of glass & PVB film. But Bullet resistant glass is combination of multiple layers of glass, PVB film & Polycarbonate sheet. 

Again number of layers for bullet resistant glass depends upon type of weapon & standard followed (Most common standard is EN 1063 ).

Test Glass sample 

One thing i would like to add, chosen frame must also comply the same standard. It means bullet should not penetrate & pass through the chosen aluminium frame also.

I was part of Hotel Oberoi , Delhi. Here BR6 category protection chosen for some VVIP rooms in triple glazed windows. The price for bullet resistant windows depends on type of protection required & on request. 


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