Friday 10 April 2020

How to buy Door/window in India Part-2

When I wrote How to buy uPVC Door/window in 2013 , I was not expecting such a good response as i recieved. People from all around world appreciated my efforts. That time Door/window industry in India primarily about traditional wooden or, conventional aluminium windows & uPVC window systems were treated as a luxury. 

RIGHTLY said by C Parkinson " A luxury, once enjoyed, becomes a necessity "  

Now uPVC windows system market has reached its peak & people are also realizing its limitation as an product. During your search for Quality uPVC or, aluminium windows, You will meet both kind of sellers. Some are selling both & would like to manipulate you as per their own interest firmly in mind. It is the curse of the modern world we live in, where we are consumers and clients first, and the survival of their businesses depend on their ability to sell to us and thus grow in size. Little wonder that market is filled with ill defined products. The prevalence of persuasive sellers who will lie or, highlight only those portions of the product that appeal to you, is encouraged by our unwillingness to take responsibility.

As discussed over this blog many times, We can not use uPVC Door & window for larger sizes.  

uPVC has more linear expansion in-comparison to Aluminium windows. 

In simple words, larger (something more than 8 ft height) size uPVC Door systems is not advisable as it will have more expansion/contraction in comparison to aluminium system windows. 

Here comes the question which i would like to try to answer in this article " Which windows are better, uPVC or, Aluminium ?" 

Aluminium windows are present more than 30 years but that is conventional aluminium. If you are comparing conventional aluminium windows ( easily available at 250–300 INR per sq ft ) with some good quality uPVC windows then uPVC windows is a better product. But now technology available in Aluminium Door/window systems are much ahead then uPVC/Door window systems . Just check following pic-

Above mentioned performance values are of good quality thermal break aluminium sliding door system . If you look for similar data in uPVC windows, you would be surprised that there is no Indian or, Global player sharing the same for specific door/window design. It doesn't mean that uPVC is inferior product. Not at all but there has to be way to measure performance..

Does performance data matter to us ? Yes, definitely yes . Just check Air tightness of the system. Highlighted one is the performance measured of this particular sliding system. Air tightness “Class 4″is equivalent to Dust proof Door (yes proof - not dust resistant; must buy to keep our homes safe from severe dust pollution in India ). These performance values also shatter your MYTHS about aluminium systems. ( Pl check thermal insulation values & performance against wind pressure).
I have prepared detailed comparison in aluminium vs uPVC system. Please check-    

Now even uPVC Brand like Fenesta diversified & introduced Fenesta aluminium system.  

As requested , do not become the product sellers make money from so you are not taken for a ride by clever salesman. Be clear that your need is the primary driver of your decisions. Marketers define needs that you did not know existed. When and how did we allow someone else treat us hapless victims.  Pl do not be gullible about what a product will do for us.  


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