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How to buy uPVC Door/Window in India ?

For most people the word " windows" bring the image of the computers windows rather than the image of the house window. In our contemporary world where progress enters our everyday life so fast that we sometimes don't even notice it, "regular" windows have also undergone significant changes and one can probably say that ordinary windows have managed to become extra-ordinary.

There is surely one connection between user of the computer operating system windows and homeowners. Without basic knowledge of how things work it is not going to be easy to maintain both the windows system and house windows. That's why it is important to be aware of certain elements.

If you are buying a new home, be prepared that your builder or, contractor might not do his best in installing the windows and doors even if on the superficial level everything looks nice. I had a chance to see some new homes where the owners had to deal with the window & door problems.

Probably one may ask, " what is so special about windows ? There is just a frame and glass". Well, both the frame and glass of a modern window differ drastically from the earlier one.

Today there are more than 200 upvc windows & doors manufacturers in India & as per market growth, you will be amazed to know that in next 10 years, it is going to be more than a customer, options are unlimited for us. But still million dollar question is Which one is better ? Should I go with India Manufactured or, should I go with German Manufactured or, What is the cost of upvc windows ? or, How do I get best deal out of my hard earned money......; so here are few points which will definitely help you to get a better deal -

REMEMBER "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort." - John Ruskin

1. BUY WINDOWS WITH WRITTEN SPECIFICATIONS- It is one of the most important factors while making decision to buy high quality doors & windows in India which is going to affect you & your family for next 15-20 years. In my own experience which is reinforcing same thought day-by-day , most of the time advertisements corrupts our need-based decision making & we fill our world buy things we do not need, instead of things we actual needs. So it is important to buy doors & windows with written specifications rather than buy heavily advertised No. 1 or, best Brand worldwide. One more thing I would like to mention doors & windows are manufactured worldwide as per International Standards as Britain has BS norms(EN 12608 ), Germany has DIN norms, America has ASTM norms even country like china is following EN standards(GB/T 8814-2004 is same as EN Norms) but in India still there is a long way to have standards for Doors & Windows, so in India if you are no.1 it does not mean you are following high quality standards. Trust my experience in Building industry, there is no safety norms followed while designing uPVC doors &windows in India. So once again BUY WRITTEN SPECIFICATIONS RATHER THAN BUY SELF PROCLAIMED EXPERTS BRAND.

TRUST this if you get it in written, then Half the battle is won...

Normally Sales People will not understand your concern as rightly said by Upton Sinclair ," It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job & entire salary depends on not understanding it."

  • UPVC Profile specification : Which company profile he is using? (German/Turkish/Chinese/Indian) 
  • Steel Reinforcement type : What type of reinforcement he is using ? (Galvanized steel & its thickness ) 
  • Fittings: What type of fittings or, hardware he is using ? (German/Turkish/Chinese/Indian ) 
  • Glass: What make Glass he is using ? (AIS or, Saint Gobain or, Others ) 
  • Warranty- What kind of warranty for after sales service is he providing ? (Is he providing only on upvc profile or, also on fittings )-ASK MIN. 10 YEARS WARRANTY ON PROFILE AS WELL AS ON FITTINGS FROM MANUFACTURER... 

2. UPVC PROFILE - Every one talks about benefits of upvc doors & windows, no doubt upvc is best material to be used in place of wood, aluminum & steel but it has one disadvantage i.e. limited tensile strength, that’s why it has steel reinforcement inside all upvc profiles.

Worldwide standards( EN 12608 accepted in Germany, Europe, China & Britain) have been made to use regarding uPVC profile as below mentioned-

  • Outer Wall Thickness- As shown in picture uPVC profile is having outer wall thickness "A" means its outer wall thickness is more than 2.8mm . If it is "B" than outer wall thickness is more than 2.5 mm. If it is C than it is less than 2.5 mm. 

  • Impact Test- As shown in picture uPVC profile is having class "II" Impact Test -Class II is better than Class I as Impact test is for 1.5 meter height & Class I is for 1 meter height. (Please check specially in Indian Profile as they match outer wall thickness of International players but Impact test is important which will confirm their Material mix )

  • Weather Test- As mentioned in the below picture it is " S "i.e. for Severe weather , it can also be " M" that means for Moderate weather which is not suitable for Indian condition ( Please check specifically uPVC Profile from Germany as Germany has Cold climate & Moderate weather profile can turn yellowish due to sunlight exposure) 

Please check profile marking as per EN 12608 guidelines.( check below mentioned picture )

3. STRUCTURALLY STABLE OR, SAFE DESIGNED DOORS & WINDOWS- This is another one of the important factors while choosing high quality doors & windows. As discussed earlier uPVC Profile has limited tensile strength so it is important to ask the uPVC windows & doors manufacturer about maximum deflection allowed when exposed to wind speed as per your city. (Please note as per DIN standards, it should not be more than 8 mm i.e. DIN 1055 part-4 & DIN 18056).(I know it would be bit technical but it is some thing like your car, How much maximum safe speed you can attain with-out vibrations ). It will cover the point of inside steel reinforcement's thickness as well as shape as reinforcement gives required tensile strength to uPVC windows & doors system.

4. FITTINGS CHOICE – One of the major differentiating factor in upvc windows & doors in comparison to wooden and aluminum counter parts-i.e. wider range in fittings. We can choose multi point locking to single point locking –no more locking the door with 3 different locking mechanisms. ( I remember when I visited a customer’s Home & lady was pregnant & she has to bend to lock the door from the bottom, it was dangerous way to live life when we have wonderful product like uPVC doors &windows –Please check picture )


3 Different Locking points in wooden doors                     

Also Functioning of windows & doors depends on good fittings. Three types of fittings are available in the market. German, Turkish & Chinese. Go with German fittings if you want peace of mind for min. 10 years.Ask your vendor about weight of sash as in uPVC doors & windows each high quality fittings comes in according to sash weight. E.g. Hinges for Doors are available from 50 kg. To 180 kg. . If your supplier is not calculating or, mentioning sash weight on its proposal then most likely you will have trouble while functioning of doors &windows.

5. GLASS: - Glass itself is one of the important factors in window & door. One need to do self analysis while choosing glass( I will address Glass in a separate article )-

Written Specifications will answer below mentioned queries-

  • Where do I need safety? 
  • What are my security requirements? 
  • Do I need to control noise? 
  • How my building look like aesthetically? 
  • External & Internal Reflection? 
  • Can I make my residential/commercial project more green efficient as well as minimize negative impact on environment? 
  • How can I control solar heat in tropical country like India? 
  • Availability for service in case of breakage? 
  • U-value & UV radiation? 

6.SEARCH FOR LOCAL FABRICATOR- Try to search for local supplier for high quality windows & doors. (Remember your old carpenter & old Doctor- I know; you can not leave your Home & Body to be in vulnerable condition). It is easy to contact local guy as he is always there for broken glass or changing the handle. BUT TRY TO GET LOCAL FABRICATOR BY UPVC PROFILE MANUFACTURER CERTIFIED !


7. SITE CONDITIONS & INSTALLATION STANDARDS– It is the most important factor which lies in our hands. Most of the time we make same mistake as rightly said AL-GORE (Ex. vice president of United States & Presenter for An Inconvenient Truth of a documentary film about climate change, specifically global warming and a future ice age in Northern Europe)- “ Old Habits plus Old Technology have predictable consequences. Old Habits, that are hard to change, plus New Technology can have dramatically altered consequences.”

Same true for while thinking about site readiness about windows & doors. Most of the time customers request to install windows & doors when site is not ready & bad installation conditions can kill high quality product. (Check picture)

Drainage Slot has been blocked by Post-Stone installation

UPVC has high resistance to weather,to corrosion and to the most materials found on Building sites so it would be best to install uPVC windows & doors after final paint or. P.O.P. . Installed windows are subjected to dead load, live load and wind load, high and low temperature and weathering. These factors have also big influence on the joint between walls and window as well as Doors. Careful planning and good craftsmanship is therefore essential for the quality of installation.

Some times Good Installer has to follow instruction of Customers as Arc. Wren did. In 1688, Sir Christopher Wren, the celebrated English architect, was asked to design a town hall for the city of Westminster. When the mayor saw the design, he told Wren the second floor was not secure and that it could all come crashing down. And therefore, he wanted Wren to add two stone columns for extra support. Wren didn't argue. He complied even though he knew it would serve no purpose. It was only years later, when workmen got on a high scaffold for some minor repairs did they see that the columns Wren gave in to stopped a few centimeters short of the ceiling. They were dummies. But the point is, both men got what they wanted. The mayor could relax and posterity demonstrated Wren was right.

8. ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS MUST- UPVC windows & doors is an energy efficient material but we have to choose glass & windows combination in a manner in which it should save energy. E.g. if it is south facing opening, we should choose heat reflective glass with double glazing to save energy.

Making mistakes in centuries and generations past would have consequences that we could overcome. We don't have that luxury anymore......

9. HOW TO GET BEST PRICE FOR UPVC WINDOWS & DOORS – Most of the time first time buyer ask this question to me.One has to understand Doors & windows is not a ready-made product & there is no thumb-rule for costing. One has to go in details to get best deal out of his/her hard earned money as It is customized product so price depends on below mentioned factors-

  • UPVC windows & doors Profile- Good Quality profile will increase price 15-20 % costlier than cheaper Turkish & Indian profiles made windows & doors.(Go for Profile as per International standards as it is customized product , You can change fittings but not profile easily) 
  • Fittings – Good multi point locking & as per sash weight calculating fittings will increase price 20-30 %. 
  • Glass has 20-40% share in window & door price. E.g. 6 mm toughened glass costs approx. 60/- Sq.ft & double glazed glass costs approx. 150/- Sq.ft 

10. LAST CHECKING POINT: - Last but not the least- [quoting Mark Twain] "What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so." So BE ALERT ALWAYS.



  1. I am using much similar PRODUCTS, I thank you for the detailed information about this.

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    1. Hello Mr.,

      This Blog is not for promotion for any Brand, Company or, Product. Please do not share any link for specific product or, company as otherwise it defeats the purpose of this Blog which is definitely to educate the people about this wonderful product named uPVC Door/Window....i hope that You understand...

    2. I am planning to change my existing wooden door of bathroom with UPVC doors. I am looking for a dealer in Navi Mumbai who can fix the door. Also in most of UPVC bathroom door I find glass. But I need a fully covered one.

  3. Excellent explanation with nice presentation

  4. could you please quote current market price..? thank you

  5. Hello Mr. Perumal, Current market price depends on specs e.g. glass type, design ( open-able/ sliding/ fixed) & also Fittings or, on Hardware type... but for your knowledge , for a house average costing in white finish for conventional design is approx. 1200/- to 1500/- per sqft excluding local taxes & freight....

  6. can i get the cost analysis for openable, sliding and fixed window as i am thinking of the vivability of starting a factory

  7. I thought of having UPVC windows in my newly constructed house, I Keep in my mind while buying it

  8. Dear Shivendra,

    Thats a nice and informative presentation on UPVC. Though I think you must also add types of finishes apart from White, Welded Joints and reinforcements.

    Thanks, Sanjay Menani

    1. Hello Mr. Sanjay,

      Thanks for your feedback. Will try to cover in my next posts...

  9. Shivendra,
    Nice Blog. Very useful and informative content. Thanks for the effort.
    Keep Updating.

  10. Dear Shivendra, thanks a lot for the useful article on UPVC windows, which came in very timely for me.

  11. Dear Shivendra Singh,

    Can i know the current price for UPVC windows in bangalore.


  12. Dear Mr. Balaji,

    My sincere apologies for late reply.. Current price depends on type of specification....most of the uPVC Door/Window products manufactured are Class "C" in India. Frankly speaking- it is a bad quality product as corner crack or, break is common. If you are buying Class C Product uPVC Door/Window then better to avoid it. There is no regulatory body or, rating agency to check Quality of Door/window in India. Lawsuits have not deeply permeated India's construction profession, and the kind of stringent mandates and regulations that govern Western building materials are often absent or, ill enforced......

    coming back to your query, buy a Class A or, B Product & I am sure you will have very few choices...

    1. Thanks Mr. Shivendra for this valuable input to common readers!

      Many a things I have understood, but the question again is who is making the class A or B products in India?

      How can we know about the quantity of filler used and other test results?

      Since you are in the field for many years, please guide atleast about how to rate the products?

      Thanks again!

    2. I understand your concern Mr. Rabjo. But as said earlier also, the purpose of this blog is not to promote any Brand or, Product but to share my 10 year journey with Glass & uPVC Door/Window as a awareness campaign. Albert Einstein once said "Problems can't be solved at the same level of awareness that created them..."

      You need to get everything in writing with your nearby Door/Window manufacturers as per my above article. Google will help you to find uPVC Door/window maker..

      Thanks for reading...

  13. Thanks for valuable information. Please elaborate about glass thickness.

  14. UPVC has a high thermal resistance by providing an effective barrier between the interior and exterior of our home. High temperature resistance UPVC helps save money on heating and cooling costs. In contrast, poor heat resistance Aluminum makes heating and cooling houses more expensive.
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  15. nice blog, offers a lot of information for uPVC doors and windows buyers. Bottom line: look for attests and certificates!
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  16. Very Informative. Good that it is not Brand specific. I think few pointers on Hardware should be helpful.

  17. Extremely valuable information. Your blog helped me immensely in taking a decision for my home. I really appreciate it. It would be great if you could elaborate on the specifications a bit further with some recommendations as well. Thanks.

  18. Hi Shivendra,
    Thank you for providing all the needed information and congratulations for such well written article,,
    I am looking for double glazed toughened glass windows filled with Argon gas for insulation. Can you please advice where to get it in India?
    Your help is highly appreciated.. Thanks..
    - Ashish

  19. Hi Ashish,

    I am earnestly interested to help you but as this blog suggests that I can't recommend any Brand. You can search google with city specific to get nearby Door/Window manufacturer.

    In Double Glazed glass, ask for 10 year warranty from manufacturer as condensation is common problem in India as most of the glass processors are using outdated cheap technology & machines. (Check Mythbusters link on my blog)

    Thanks for reading...

  20. quite informative Sir.. i like the way you give examples.

  21. Please suggest options in A and B class category if cant suggest any one pls give two three options

    1. I am earnestly interested to help you but as this blog suggests that I can't recommend any Brand. You can search google with city specific to get nearby Door/Window manufacturer.

  22. Thanks for such an informative article. Could you please compare the approx cost of wood vis a vis upvc.

  23. Sir, your blog posts are like wine. The older they are, the better they get. They're as relevant today, as when you write them. Kudos.

  24. Thanks for the detailed analysis. I have 2 questions.

    1. Can uPVC be used for a french window of size 7 ft X 7ft - with 4 feet of doors and 3 feet of fixed windows?

    2. I understand you cannot recommend any brand in this blog. But how do we find out who offers Class A and Class B qualities in India (Chennai for me)? Any direction in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Yes uPVC can be used for size 7 ft * 7 ft. It is casement or, openable Door with fixed combination.

      Search in google for Class A or, B product. You will get city specific results. I can't recommend or, name any brand as naming someone will make this blog irrelevant. I hope that You understand my point.

  25. Thanks for that, man!

    I'm thinking to replace my current wood frame windows with upvc windows, what precautions should I take to ensure that it is a quality job?


    1. Dear Mr. A,

      I request you to read case studies... The purpose of putting case studies is to share real life challenges while putting uPVC Door/Window systems.Before selecting someone, visit their just completed project site to check workmanship.

  26. Hello Shivendra,
    Though ur article was written almost 3 yrs back yet it is still as informative as ever.. I'd appreciate if u could answer a few queries:
    1) Are the profiles manufactured in India having almost the same quality as imported European profiles
    2) Are uPVC windows fabricated by manual machines as good as ones fabricated by automated machines


    1. Dear Mr. Sanga,

      My sincere apology for late reply. Yes uPVC profile manufactured in India is as good as European quality if the Quality standards are as per EN or, GB/T standards but unfortunately no company is manufacturing in India Class A or, B uPVC Profile.

      Yes uPVC windows fabricated by manual machines can be as good as by automatic machines if the production team is using technology or, technical know-how as per Profile manufacturer guidelines. Do they test their uPVC Door/Window corner strength time to time ? ( Ideally it should be 3 month basis, if yes then ask them to share test report by third party e.g. from uPVC Profile partner)

      Always try to visit their last completed & oldest project site to check fabrication and installation quality as well as to get after sales service feedback from end user...

  27. Thanks for such an informative article

  28. Thanks for such an informative article

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  30. Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming...
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  31. Very helpful, thanks for the blog!!

  32. Firstly i thank you for sharing this article with full informative with explanation,secondly,Please share the rate analysis/Costing for the Upvc doors/Windows.

  33. I have just bought a house where I am going to get the interiors done and I was suggested to go for uPVC doors and windows in balconies. I saw uPVC it a doors at a friend's place and found them good. But I did not know there is so much to check before purchasing a uPVC door. After reading your article I searched on google and found a good brand (won't name it as per your blog's standard). I read their technical brochure and it says their product is BSI certified (with European standard EN 12608). I am quoting a few points from their "Tested for India" Accreditation summary but could not make out if these are good or not:

    1. Thickness=2.0 +/- 0.2 and says pass. I think it should be Class C profile. Do you think this is OK to be used in Delhi/NCR conditions?

    2. Impact test does not tell anything about class. It just says "No more than one test out of ten shall fail". Result says "No sample failed". Result is Pass.

    3. For Weather, it says delta E<5 and delta b<3 for 6000 hours testing. Actual result 0.8-0.7. Final result Pass.

    Based on this, do you think such a product can be purchased for Indian conditions. These Test summary for India has been certified by various EN, BS and ASTM standards for different tests.

    A response from you would be much appreciated. I am going to start work in my new flat very soon and if above specifications and tests look fine then I can think of using it else I will go with more costly wooden doors.

    1. Dear Mr. Singh,

      Thanks for writing & I am happy that this blog is assisting people to get Quality product. You did a great job but Please remember 2 mm thickness comes under Class 'C'. It is ok for smaller size windows like less than 5 ft in height. But not advisable for bigger sizes. Yes I know that 90% product available in India is Class "C". Also check for hardware or, fittings, Ideally it should come with 10 year warranty. But based on my experience the Brand You are considering comes with 1 year warranty on hardware. So after one year, You need to pay replacement cost. I request you to ask the company for minimum 10 year warranty on hardware or, fittings.

      Don't forget to check their work in your vicinity, it will help you to understand Installation quality & after sales support.

  34. Thank you for a great informative article.
    Please advise if window sizes should be of some specific dimensions and also how they should be finished to provide supplier the correct sizes etc. Are fixed windows available for arch type of window sills.

    1. Dear Mr. Singh,

      My sincere apologies for late reply. Window sizes can be as per architectural expression or, concept. Yes making it specific dimensions can optimize cost & reduce waste.

      To get the correct opening size, one needs to understand type of material where Door/window is going to be fixed & also linear thermal expansion due to size of Door/window. It is quite in detail discussion needed to elaborate on this topic & here on this blog, purpose is to discuss only BASICS. If you are interested, write to me on I will share, some interesting articles & standards.

  35. Thanks for your wonderful post.For best double glazing, we often can't decide many things like how much it will cost, whether to go for double glazing or triple and all.In that case, an adviser can advice the best.

  36. Best explanation ever provided by any body on this blog. However there is one specific technical and performance doubt that pricks me is to understand the reasons for the manufacturers of Sliding uPVC windows with tracks and roller.
    Some are using aluminum tracks wile others use tracks which are extruded along with profile as uPVC tracks. Please throw some light as to which glide/guide is best in selecting sling windows for homes.

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  38. Very good Shavinder Singh... very informative article. It could be very useful for the concerning people.

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  42. Hi Shivendra,

    Great post and very informative, thank you.

    My query is rather interesting. What specific issues would prevent a UPVC door being mounted on a Steel Door Frame? If this were to be somehow possible, one can get the best of both words - cheaper and stronger door frame (window a/c mounting) AND the benefits of a glazed UPVC door. I know it may not be possible but wondering what your thoughts are?


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  44. Dear Shivendra - Your article is informative - Good. Your manner of writing and the anecdotes - bleddy brilliant i say. Good of you to share - keep sharing, cheerio

  45. Hi

    Thanks for the information. Are these specs still hold good or they improved over the time?

    Planning to buy windows for my house.

    So shall I still look for these specs ?



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  48. bhaskar alakunta16 March 2021 at 22:12

    Best clarification at any point given by any body on this blog. Anyway there is one explicit specialized and execution question that pricks me is to comprehend the explanations behind the producers of Sliding uPVC windows with tracks and roller. Some are utilizing aluminum tracks wile others use tracks which are expelled alongside profile as uPVC tracks. Kindly toss some light concerning which coast/control is best in choosing sling windows for homes.

  49. I really thank you for the valuable info on this great subject and look forward to more great posts. Thanks a lot for enjoying this beauty article with me. I am appreciating it very much! Looking forward to another great article. Good luck to the author! All the best! UPVC doors

  50. Wonderful blog,
    Well I am planning to install doors windows in my new house. Survey and knowledge is way to go.
    Sir I have couple of queries if you can help.
    1. Normally in a brick motar based construction (non rcc) window frames/shutters installed are of wood preferably deodar. (Cidrus deodar- pine variety). Wood in non rcc type of constructions is considered load bearing with an over the frame lintel.
    Sir, if we go for a good upvc profile will it be recommended or suitable in non rcc structure.
    2. If advised, the cost of wooden frame with shutters would approximate around rs8000/- for frame and dual shutters for glass and steel mesh, excluding the cost of steel mesh, glass and fittings and paint work for a window size of 3x5 feet.
    What would 3x5 upvc cost ( best quality)


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