Monday, 9 March 2015

Case study-Captain Sandeep Mehta's Peaceful Home in Nirvana country, Gurgaon

We interacted with Capt. Sandeep Mehta in Sep. 2013, he was looking for something aesthetically good with long durability for his under-construction new home. He shared project drawings with us. Meanwhile we visited the site with him to understand his ideas about design of Doors/Windows.

Before Picture 

 "Yes you are in but it was screening round. Get ready for Main Competition." He was having two options in his mind- F****a & us as our prices were two times costlier than them. But as shared in my previous posts, Never talk about price, talk about written specifications...

As per Mr. Mehta's understanding, we both were offering same solutions i.e. Mix of Sliding,casement(openable) windows & our prices were putting us out of picture.

During my masters, one of my professor taught me first lesson - 

Right now same thing is happening in Door/Windows industry in India, the reference point or, measuring stick does not exist. It is not standards or, rating agency but Brand or, their recall value. It is dangerous practice for customised product as shown in below pic both products look same in Design & specifications (almost) but there is drastic difference as Lift & Slide module has gasket system & completely air-tight system which is impossible to achieve  in conventional sliding systems as depicted in cross-sectional drawings.

F*****A Brand Conventional Sliding Door system

Lift & Slide System of a German Brand-Gasket system makes it completely air-tight

Mr. Mehta has taken a wise decision... selected Lift & Slide with Double Glazed security laminated glass. His first reactions was, " Shivendra ! My Bedroom is completely outside noise-free..... It is wonderful product".

Kitchen Door with Sliding window combination

Conventional Sliding Door

Fixed Window

Lift & Slide Door with mesh

Lift & Slide Door with mesh

Lift & Slide Door

Lift & Slide Door

Lift & Slide Door

Foldable Mesh Solution in Lift & Slide Door 

Lift & Slide Door with mesh