Friday, 12 September 2014

Case study-Residence @Greenwood city, gurgaon

   Project Specifications :

  • uPVC Profile : White, As per EN12608 Class C, Impact Resistant Class I, Severe weather         material
  • Fittings :  Multi Point Locking 
  • Glass : Security Laminated 

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Every fox must pay his skin to the furrier..........

Those who act out of external motives such as instant sensory pleasure or, immediate praise from their superior often end up behaving like monkeys. The monkey mind restlessly shifts from one external stimulus to another. Motivation endures when our motives are more intrinsic and less extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation ceases to be motivation; it becomes inspiration. Yet how many of us realise that “motive” - based action often makes monkey out of us? “I do not believe in motivation,” says the maverick president of one of the world’s most influential media houses. Why not ? “ Because any form of motivation makes me dependent whatever it is that motivates me.” Interesting, isn’t it ?~Timeless Leadership Book by Debashis Chatterjee

Why am i sharing this on a blog where purpose is to share Door/Window basics.. but it appears most of the Door/Window manufacturers are working on external motivation (e.g. more sales or, volume oriented approach ) than inner inspiration (e.g. value engineering ) to deliver a Quality Product or, create value to End-Customer. 

I have spent more than 8 years in this industry and quite often seen the way this beautiful & high performance material is badly manufactured & installed subject to half baked knowledge as well as expertise of people in the industry. Please check below pics........

Corner welding crack/air leakage

 Gasket @ Left corner of frame improperly inserted

Top of the frame welded in middle

Middle mullion bend is visible

PU Foam has been inserted without knowledge of Frame/wall min. gap

Clearly shows installation team doesn't know How to take measurement & insert PU Foam.

Can You Believe it ! Windows has been cut @ site to insert into opening.

See the window frame cutting marks to fit into wall.

Welding or, improper glazing bead cut makes corner breakage 

Corner welding is not proper...

Then how can customer make sure that these trials & errors will not occur on his/ her cost . Sadly India doesn't have any Door/ Window standardisation body to take action against any Door/window manufacturer. Internet in India is full of complaints stories shared by different customers.. Late delivery, Quality compromise, Poor Post- Sales services are few of examples....

Are we witnessing a new phenomenon worldwide in uPVC Door/ Window so unpredictable, consequences are happening fast. Is it ???  

Unfortunately it is not true as uPVC Door/ Window is more than four decades old industry worldwide. Different countries has different Fenestration rating council e.g. U.S. has N.F.R.C.( National Fenestration Rating Council). What N.F.R.C. means for end customer- brilliantly explained in below video 

Same manner,Britain has B.F.R.C.( British Fenestration Rating Council) & Germany as well as most of the Europe follows guidelines set by IFT, Rosenheim. Below pics on your Door/Window in Europe & Germany reassures Customer that You got High Quality Door/Window.

As written my earlier post “How to buy Door/Window in India” , Always look for Door/Window company recommended by uPVC Profile manufacturer company; Whole story is built around uPVC Profile. Always remember advertisements or, big factories or, showrooms don’t  assure that Door/Window will be the High in performance & Quality if People are not skilled or, doesn't follow International Guidelines....


Thursday, 12 June 2014

uPVC Door/Window Fabrication/Installation

One of the reason of uPVC Door/Window's superiority over aluminium & wooden Door/Window as It is Factory made Product so "No Last minute missing item or, Last minute Surprise ".

 How uPVC Door/Window is made in the factory. Please watch the video-

How uPVC Door/Window is installed @ site. I found interesting video by a U.K. based company " Eurocell". 

Friday, 24 January 2014

Case study-Making Absolute Quiet Home in Jaipur near Railway Track

John Cage reports in his book Silence, that in Harvard University they have made an absolutely sound proof room for certain scientific experimentation – that is the greatest sound proof room in the whole world.He entered – it was absolute quiet – but suddenly he started hearing two noises. So he was worried. And he has heard that this place was absolutely sound proof. So he asked the technician, “What is the matter?”The technician laughed. He said, “These sounds are within you. The first sound is just your mind functioning inside – the nervous system; and the second sound is nothing but your blood running through the body – the blood circulation.”Cage said, “But I never heard these sounds before.”

The technician said, “Because there were so many sounds outside. Now it is absolute quiet, no sound at all. That’s why you hear the inner mechanism functioning: the brain continuously working, millions of nerves continuously working, and the blood circulation continuously going on just like a stream flowing.”

Cage said, “Then I thought, ‘Quiet won’t do. Silence is needed.’” 

Silence is something you can rely upon – it is within you. Quiet is something which depends on conditions, which does not depend on you – you can never be a master of quiet. But there is no need! If you know silence, wherever you move your silence fills the space. Now you know the inner secret of it.

Quiet is possible through scientific technology; silence, no. Quiet is possible in an air-conditioned room, sound proofed – you can be more quiet than in the Himalayas –.~ The True Sage Book by Osho

Modern rapid development & mechanisation has created some new problems for man kind; one of them is noise or, unwanted sound… But remember it is not new phenomenon… During Roman times when rulers passed a bill that prohibited the driving of chariots through the cobblestone streets of Rome at noise…In 1899, Excessive noise was the number one “ Quality of Life” complaints in new york city…More recently, electronic sources such as powerful car stereos ( particulars cars with boom woofers), vehicle alarms, cellular phones, Marriage DJs have added to urban noise problems...   

Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Lucknow like other metros in India, due to more population congestion have heavy road traffic movement, so does the noise, also not to forget aircraft, rail & metro train noise.. If You are planning to buy or, already living an apartment near Metro train or, Railway track & having painful unwanted sound or, noise experience, then don't think that You are Alone… As many people have chosen noisy locations due to locational advantage as near to work-place. ( A very common phenomenon is Delhi NCR like city) but now feeling each passing day that outside noise is becoming unbearable & could not able to sleep properly...

To understand How noise is affecting us & what is missed by modern architecture & Town planners , please watch this wonderful TED Talk by Juliane Treasure....

In this article, i am sharing a case study about a home in jaipur where their apartment was approx. with in 50 meter of railway track. This railway track is one of the favourite route for fast moving trains. ( So it means more honking as near to residential area).

Sound loses its intensity if distance depicted in below pic-

Many people think that sound travels only by air, no that's not true as There are two kind of noise, one is air-borne noise & other is structure-borne noise... Below shown picture is self explanatory-

We have assisted the Mr. Singh to make his Home liveable.....  

We observed a new phenomenon while measuring noise levels on Mr. Singh's residence... It was quite surprising. In one room, it was in between 45 dB~ 55 dB for normal conversations & another room it was in between 35 dB ~ 45 dB... 

Then we analysed the room conditions & discovered about sound reflective material...common building material (e.g. Concrete, tiles, Brick & gypsum boards) are largely sound reflective, that's why, they reflect back most of the sound energy that strikes them... Normally such sound reflections do not amplify noise levels but particularly in this situation it is increasing noise levels due to hard empty surfaces of the room. Mr. Rajdeep has not shifted furniture & other stuffs inside the room resulting "build-up" of noise levels with in one room...

We suggested to the client , not only changing doors- windows would not solve problem as empty room is creating situation like "Guitar- effect" "... In the guitar..... vibrating stings in contact with closed enclosures of wood amplifies the noise level...He needed to use acoustic treatment or, Sound absorbent material in walls & roofs..

It was magical experience as things went according to plan........



           See the Noise Reduction... 20 dB reduction means approx. 75-80% reduction in noise intensity.

Testimonial by customer. (Site completed in 2013, testimonial in 2015)