Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Case study-Noise insulation of A Home @ Unitech South City , Gurgaon

There is a famous song by singer-songwriter duo Simon & Garfunkel , " Sound of Silence". It is one of the song which I liked most & perfectly fit in India's metro city life right now.

But can we achieve absolute silence in a Home ! Can we control outside noise level & feel Himalayan abode in our Home ?  yes it is possible... We did it many times..sharing one case study.... Residence @ Unitech South City II, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. In my previous post, I have shared sound terminologies & ill effects of noise.

There are different standards & Indexes to measure noise levels.. I being associated with a German MNC always like to follow DIN ( German ) norms which are safest & highest in Quality.

After visiting the site, I realized that it was quite terrible situation as noise levels @ that House was around 60-65 dB during day time & also in the night, it was 70-75 dB with existing aluminium doors & windows.

Town planners, Builders & Developers are not thinking about reducing noise levels in the city &  in the apartments as there is no vision for

  • Regularly review the City Plan rules relating to acceptable levels of noise.
  • To ensure the quality service is provided for enforcement, response & complaints.
  • To develop the noise map of Delhi NCR and monitor trends over time.
  • To develop a system that identifies areas of concern. e.g. residential areas which are near motorways and other road network.

Now come back to our story, the challenges for us were-

  • Removal of existing Doors/Windows - As family was residing their, We need to complete the house same day as they can not keep their house remains open in the night.
  • Fitting of New Doors/ Windows with Joint insulation- It is prevalent industry practice to use silicone for joint insulation between wall & frame. But silicon is not fixing material. For proper noise insulation, one needs to use PU Fom. ( Rw ; 61 dB )

Joint insulation by PU Fom & sealing tape

" Listen to yourself not the noise of the world, only you know what is right for you."

Removal of existing Aluminium Door/Window via cutter

Sound level outside 
Sound level inside after installation

Sound level inside after installation
Noise level outside road side

Before Aluminium Window
After installation window

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Case study-Mr. Naveen Bhatia's residence,Naraina vihar, Delhi


Barrier-free Air & Water tight low threshold
Dark Oak Finish

French Door with side fix used flat steel bar couplings to accommodate Hinge weight

Turn restrictor to control movement of Doors

Lever operated bottom hung window for ease of operation